• Beta cell regeneration for Type 1 Diabetes

  • Neuromodulation of beta cell function

  • Islet inflammation

  • Pancreas in vivo imaging, 2D and 3D imaging and analysis

  • Diabetes and Pancreatic Tumors

Human islet

Human islet stained for insulin (red) and glucagon (white)(J. Canzano).

Diabetes 2016

Human islet with insulitis from Campbell-Thompson, et. al. Diabetes 2016 (A. Fu).

604702 PaT proins-gren+Ins-red+CgA-blue 40X B

Human islets (nPOD 6047) stained for proinsulin (green), insulin (pink) and chromogranin (blue) (L. Zhang).


Human islet (nPOD donor 6015) stained for insulin (green), glucagon (blue), and somatostatin (red) (L. Zhang).



Mouse islets stained for insulin (red) and somatostatin (green)(L. Zhang).