Dongtao Ann Fu,Dongtao Ann Fu, MD PhD, HT (ASCP) QIHC

Assistant Scientist, Core Manager
(352) 273-7752
D11-34A (Office)
D11-39 (Lab)

Curriculum Vitae

Brittany Bruggeman, MD– UF College of Medicine Pediatric fellow

Xian (Lily) Li, PhD– Post-doctoral associate

Majd Afaghani, BS– Biological scientist

Malu Malavika– 2019- present, research assistant, pre-med, Neurobiological Sciences major

Sydney Haselden– 2019-present, research assistant, UF University Scholars Program 2020-2021

Karen Cox-  Administrative assistant

Phone:  (352) 294-5593
Fax:  (352) 392-3053
Room D6-18a


  • Ashwin Velraj, Biological scientist 2020; University of Utah PhD Material Sciences and Engineering fall 2020.
  • LeeAnn Hewitt, BS, research assistant 2019-2020, UF College of Nursing, PhD candidate
  • Jesus Penaloza Aponte, MS- 2017-2020, computer sciences and data analysis; UF PhD program, fall 2020
  • Nicole Winn- research assistant, 2019-2020, BS UF May 2020
  • Nicholas Kowalkowski BS, Biological Scientist 2018-2019
  • Lindsay Wald, University Scholars Program 2018-2019, accepted UF College of Medicine fall 2020
  • Lith Nasif, BS UF 2018, accepted UF MD/PhD program, fall 2019
  • Kamal Nasif, BS computer sciences UF 2018
  • Jessica Jackson, MD, Maternal/Fetal Medicine fellow, 2018
  • Elizabeth Butterworth, BS, Biological Scientist
  • Katelyn Carty, BS, Biological Scientist, accepted UF College of Medicine class of 2022
  • Tarun E. Hutchinson, PhD, Assistant Scientist
  • Joe Canzano BS, Biological Scientist, MS UF Engineering (spring 2019); PhD program UC Santa Barbara, fall 2019-
  • Julia Cooper, Research Assistant, BS UF 2017
  • Ian Ix, Biomedical Engineering, Research Assistant, BS UF 2017
  • Andre Revell, BS, UF 2015; accepted U Penn MD/PhD class of 2020
  • Wesley Dickerson, BS, UF 2015, Research Associate; Brandeis University, MBA program
  • Kristina Weitzel, Research Assistant, accepted UF College of Medicine class of 2019
  • Vindhya Vijay, Masters Bioengineering 2014; UF IDP PhD spring 2019; Harvard Post-doctoral fellow (2019)

Molecular Pathology Core Staff