Wes presenting his poster at Biomedical Engineering Research Day, November 16, 2015.
Invited speaker, Fukuoka JDS 2015
NSF Presentation
2016 NSF Reverse Site Visit for ERC- Dec. 2016- Left to right- Eric Sanders, Kevin Otto, Ranu Jung, Eva Achero, Martha Campbell-Thompson, Anne Donnelly, Jack Judy, Dave Fuller, Forest Masters
Lith winning first place, 7th Annual Microbiology and Cell Sciences undergraduate research symposium, for his work on secretogranin 3 (SCG3) expression in human islets from organ donors with type 1 diabetes. 2017
Elizabeth at HIRN 2016 presenting her poster on islet laser microdissection and phenotyping for transcriptomic studies. Human Islet Research Network (HIRN), March 2017. Nao Terada is also shown and is a PI on an iPSC project in HIRN.
Lindsay presented her poster on NPTX2 in human islets at the Center for Undergraduate Research EXPO 2017.
Translational cell symp 2018 2
Lindsay presenting her work on NPTX2 @ Translational Cell Symposium 2018
Translational cell symp 2018 LN
Lith presenting his multiplex staining @ Translational Cell Symposium 2018
Caicedo Martha NIDDK ANS 20118
NIDDK ANS meeting Sept 2018- poster and talking with A. Caicedo.
Eilliot SPARC Meeting 2018
Eilliot SPARC Annual Meeting 2018
Vindya COM Poster Day
Vindhya Vijay and Zita at COM Research celebration, 2014
Jesus BMS 2020
Jesus presenting his work on machine learning for insulitis @BMS 2020
Nick presenting poster BMS 2020
Nick presenting studies on gene expression in human EndoC cells @ UF BMS 2020
NIDDK 2020 Imaging the Pancreas
Invited talk on the exocrine pancreas in T1D at NIDDK Imaging the pancreas symposium, Jan. 2020
Malu Nair Undergraduate Research Conference 2020
Malu Nair, 2020 Florida Undergraduate Research Conference at Florida Meyers.
HIRN Webinar
HIRN Webinar, speaker
NIDDK Workshop March 2022
NIDDK March 2022, Invited speaker
Kim lab COP poster 020723
AI team, COP Research Day, March 2023